Tyler Strand

Occult Adventurer, Researcher & Investigator

Tyler Strand is a Special makeup and effects artist, as well as an occult adventurer, researcher, and Investigator of the paranormal. Strands solo styled adventures into the occult have lead Him deep into the subterranean caverns of America, the ruins of abandoned historic-religious sites, as well as the labyrinthian forests of Appalachia haunted by the footprints of the invisible.

Tyler has found an exceptionally rare niche within the occult world by utilizing his skills in special effects mold making and sculptural art, to replicate and preserve the history of haunted and occult artifacts, as well as giving physical form to the phantasmal monsters and oddities described by eye witness testimonies through various paranormal case studies.

Most recently, Strand’s studies have brought his skills & contributions as an artist & occult adventurer to the screen in the Planet Weird documentary Hellier, which details an ongoing case entangled with diminutive subterranean creatures, synchronicities, and ritual magic.

Tyler will be presenting and discussing at the convention, how he has used his skills in special makeup effects to benefit various paranormal cases, each presenting their own unique challenges, and how the impact of his craft has altered not only the approach of those investigations by unveiling new discoveries, but by also giving face to the monsters just outside of our periphery, while preserving and creating paranormal history within the process!

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