Stuart Inman

Surrealist & Witch

1734 is a form of witchcraft still little known in the UK, although many of its roots derive from Britain. It is what is usually known as ‘traditional witchcraft’, although it began in the USA in the 1970s. Created by Joe Wilson from the teachings of Robert Cochrane, Ruth Wyn Owen and Wilson’s first teacher, known as ‘Sean’, it is quite different to Wicca in both belief and practice.

Stuart Inman will introduce the philosophies, beliefs and practices of 1734 and will relate it to Traditional Craft.

Stuart Inman was initiated into Alexandrian Wicca in 1972 and the Gardnerian Craft in 1978. He also studied Tibetan Buddhism (Karma Kagyu) for several years. In 1998 he discovered the 1734 tradition and studied with it’s founder Joseph Bearwalker Wilson for several years. Appointed as one of three Guardians of 1734, he co-formed The Clan of the Entangled Thicket of which he is Presiding Magister.

He is also a Doyen of Toteg Tribe, which embodies Wilson’s later teachings.

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