As well as a lineup of fantastic speakers, AvalonCon is proud to present to you some extraordinary experiences, which will not be streamed online and can only be witnessed in person.

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Occult Hardware

Occult Hardware (Fayann Smith/Robert Burnham) are a hybrid multimedia art and music project that elude classification and defy genre. “Combusting the alchemical elements of the internet to produce Bass Metal…” their sound is an experimental collision of pop ephemera, contemporary dance production, dark abstract electronica and live ritual. Collaging the sacred and the profane from popular culture and splicing it to fit their esoteric personal mythos, the Occult Hardware experience is an audiovisual attack like no other.

Occult Hardware is the latest creation of the production duo behind the numerous incarnations of cult underground act K-tron. Their confrontational, experimental projects have been featured in US/Japanese/Swedish Vogue, The Sunday Times, Nylon Japan, The Observer Music Monthly, Grazia, BBC Television, Dazed, Time-Out London, Pop Magazine, i-D and many more respected titles. Playing across the globe the duo have rocked Glastonbury twice and performed alongside iconic acts such as The Libertines, Clor, Midnight Juggernauts, The Noisettes, Crim3s, Test Icicles (Devontè Hynes), Siobhan Fahey, Zebra Katz plus many more.

For this performance at AvalonCon 2021, Occult Hardware will be joined by Steinsdotter on drums, who is a descendent of an ancient and revered Völva.

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The Babalon Tarot

The Babalon Tarot is a concept divinely received, artistically directed and photographed by Madeline Sinclaire with a team of visionaries. Madeline is not only the kind of dancer Babalon would embrace, she also curates live and virtual events celebrating women and the feminine through dance and film- often with a vintage vibe. Through this project, she is combining her long history in art and design with her 30+ years of Magick to follow her Will and complete what she considers her most significant magical working to date.

Keep an eye out for the Kickstarter campaign and follow The Babalon Tarot at @The_Babalon_Project on Instagram. Madeline can be found at @MadelineSinclaire.

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David Bramwell presents: The Cult of Water

David Bramwell is a performer, award-winning broadcaster for BBC Radio 4 and the author of The Haunted Moustache, The Odditorium and the Mysterium. For AvalonCon he will be performing his latest show, The Cult of Water, which has dazzled audiences from the Soho Theatre and Berlin’s Occulture festival to OBOD’s winter solstice gathering.

Combining music, animation and archive film with a captivating monologue, Bramwell will take you on a magical candle-lit odyssey, in search of the occult secrets of our rivers, and a drowned village which has long haunted his memories.

From Doncaster (where he grew up) Bramwell travels up the river Don and back in time, through the ladybird plague and drought of 1976 to the heavily polluted Don of Sheffield’s steel industry, up into the Pennines and back into a pre-Christian era when rivers and springs were worshipped as living deities.

Along the journey Bramwell battles with his own thalassophobia (the fear of ‘what lurks beneath’); learns about hydromancy from magician Alan Moore, discovers a unique forest of figs growing on the banks of the Don and encounters Jarvis Cocker on his own adventures, sailing down the Don on an inflatable inner tube.

His journey finally brings him face to face with the goddess of primordial waters, Danu, who gave her name to the Don.

The Cult of Water is a profound meditation on the symbolic power of rivers and inland waterways and the ways in which they affect our sense of well-being.

“It is the kind of experience which provokes in an audience a moment of profound silence, followed by a standing ovation.”
– Ronald Hutton

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Nicole Bettencourt Coelho

Nicole Bettencourt Coelho is a sound therapist and professional musician with an interest in semiotics, ritual forms and queering magic. Their work explores the ability of sound and visualisation to effect transformation in the context of trance. Projects and workings are geared towards harnessing the physical and psychological impact of sound, so that people can explore, create and modify their inner and outer worlds.

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The Cloister of Babalon-Magdalene presents: The Star Sapphire

There has been a lot of talk about one of the most sacred and secret rituals of Thelema in the past year or so: the Star Sapphire. Brought into the spotlight during the final episode of “Hellier”, many have been left wondering what does it really entail, and what energies it evokes. The Cloister of Babalon-Magdalene, under the auspices of the Sovereign Sanctuary of the Holy Ghost and Ecclesia Gnostica Universalis, will enact a group ceremonial version of it during AvalonCon. Let us witness the true return of Pan.

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