Darragh Mason

Photographer & Researcher

Darragh Mason is a multi-award winning photographer and researcher. He studied photography at Dublin City University and travelled across Asia and Europe, writing articles and publishing photography.

His work was selected in the top 50 images for the Travel Photographer Asia 2015. In 2017 he received a Performance award in the ‘Humanity Photography Awards’ in association with China Folklore Association and UNESCO, was an exhibiting NOA 2017 artist and received a commendation in the British Life Photography Awards 2017.

His work has been used by Graham Hancock and featured by the Royal Geographical Society and he has been a guest speaker at the Royal Society of Asia Affairs.

He is most known for his work on the Aghori Hindu sect and his research into Djinn and Fairy lore. He runs an award nominated podcast called ‘Spirit Box’ on folklore, magick and the spirit world.

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