Dana Fox


Dana has been hooked on the paranormal since he was the height of a footstool and like many enthusiasts of ufology, cryptozoology and parapsychology, these interests were somewhat compartmentalised. After all, what has Bigfoot go to do with flying saucers? But when he started practicing magic later in life, he began to realise that maybe he was looking in too many directions at once and that the truth might be a lot closer than he first thought. The reunification of things like UFOs, alien abductions and the Men in Black, with faerie lore, visionary magic and spiritual experiences has initiated a shift in my comprehension and understanding.

He is currently training in Gestalt Psychotherapy, which, believe it or not, has much more in common with some of the subjects mentioned above than one might imagine. He hopes to eventually work with survivors of cults and those going through challenging spiritual experiences.

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