Writer, Musician & Ritual Performance Artist

Amodali is a multidisciplinary artist and independent researcher/practitioner. She has focussed upon exploring the metaphysics, phenomenology and practice of sexual magic within the 156 Current for over thirty-five years. She places a post-Thelemic interpretation of the goddess Babalon at the centre of research into altered states of consciousness, sexual alchemy and embodiment. She explores how women can contribute innovative, active, initiatory sex-magical formulas and rites of transmission within progressive, esoteric paradigms and praxis.

Amodali co-created the ‘Mother Destruction’ ritual performance project during a decade of collaboration with Patrick Leagas of 6 <omm and has since performed as a solo artist in the UK, mainland Europe and the USA. In 2009, she founded Incarnadine Temple, an independent APRMM body dedicated to ongoing research into the sexual mysteries of the 156 Current. Her findings are published on her website and in print via an essay included in the Three Hands Press anthology ‘A Rose Veiled in Black - Arcana and Art of Our Lady Babalon’ and contemporary esoteric journals such as Wyrd, Alraune and Marah. A graduate of the Liverpool School of Art and Design, her erotically charged artwork has been exhibited in London, Seattle and Dublin. She has lectured internationally on the magic of Babalon and the 156 Current.

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