About AvalonCon

AvalonCon 2021: How It Came Together

We will all remember 2020.

This year has tried and tested us all in ways we, likely, never even considered.

Anyone who has undergone Initiation knows that it never comes without serious ordeals, and it feels a lot like we as a collectivity are facing this very type of experience.

As the first round of lockdowns here in the UK ended, my partner and I decided to pack our bags and leave our beloved London behind, to move to a small town in the West Country: Glastonbury, in Somerset.

We always loved it here: the myth, the lore, the ley-line energy you can feel pulsating from the ground, and speaking through the winds. Many say that Glastonbury is a land of healing, if you know where to look for it and are respectful to ask for it in the right way. Months later, as the second round of lockdowns is about to start, we both feel we found that healing, even if we know that the path ahead is not going to be easy.

Hope is a secret key in facing every Initiatory ordeal. The will to choose a positive thinking over a negative approach to life is something I had to learn: but when I did, it started paying huge dividends.

This is why Rhiannon and I dreamt the idea of AvalonCon.

We don’t know exactly where we’ll be, collectively, in the first weekend of July 2021, but we know that we had to hope for a time when it is once again possible to meet and share experiences with friends and people you admire.

We also wanted to create something slightly different than the tried and tested model of the “occult pagan conference”. After my participation at Phenomenacon last September, one thing that stayed with me strongly was John E. L. Tenney’s call to “diversify your weirdness”. It seemed so obvious and yet so revolutionary, given the usual human tendency to build more and more ivory towers. In a much-needed bid to acquire respectability, occulture became almost a slave to academia and its very rigid schemes.

We thought it’s time to bring the right amount of weirdness BACK into occulture and the esoteric milieu, and we’ll do that by bringing an incredibly diverse cast of speakers (and experiences) to AvalonCon.

We will remember 2020.

Let’s make sure we will celebrate it as a distant memory at AvalonCon, fulfilling the Initiation we are all, collectively, been experiencing.

– Marco Visconti

Marco and Rhiannon